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Why Hire Frost Shades for Window Tinting

Frost Shades is passionate about window tinting and we want you to love your views

When you have a problem window, you might be struggling with a bunch of different problems.

The thin glass could be letting in too much light, making it hard for your AC to cool your home. This light can also create a glare, making it hard to watch TV, read a book, or enjoy the room. Worst of all, the lack of privacy from an open window can make you feel uncomfortable.

With any of these situations, there’s a simple solution. Frost Shades offers a wide variety of window tinting solutions, including decorative window frostings and security films. Whatever you need for your home or business, we’ve got you covered. We will custom design our products to fit your needs.

Frost Shades will give you affordable alternatives with our window tinting solutions. We’ll fix your problem windows so you can enjoy your rooms.

About Frost Shades

Frost Shades is a national window film and tinting installation brand. We are a franchise and our franchisees are both trained and insured to make sure we deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.

We are also cost-effective. Have a budget for your tinting project? We have solutions you will love.

Don’t know what you need? We offer free, in-home consultations where we can show you the tinting and film options for each of your windows and give you attractive pricing.

Best of all, we stand behind our work. Frost Shades wants your business and we want you to be so happy with it, you will refer us so we make sure your window tinting project looks amazing and stays that way!