Vizta Tint of Eastern PA Window Tinting


Vizta Tint Eastern PA films, feature a a wide range of shades, styles, and grades to fit your protection and privacy needs.

We offer hundreds of designs (simple or decorative)  to give you the look  of frosted, etched, textured, stained glass, or a simple reflective film to give you the privacy you need. From shower surrounds to skylights, our films add style—and so much more. Choose a high opacity film for added privacy in your home or business.

Vizta Tint Eastern PA also offers multiple safety film for shatter resistance and increased security in your home, office or school.  

Anti-shatter film increases the durability of glass in an effort to reduce breakage. If the window does break, the adhesive layer on the film is designed to hold and contain pieces of broken glass in place to prevent shattering.

Anti-Graffiti films are designed to protect glass and metal surfaces from vandalization, providing a cost effective alternative to expensive cleaning costs.

No matter what you need, we offer hundreds of styles that combine form and functionality, with unbelievable results.

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