Vizta Tint of Eastern PA Window Tinting


Product Details

Optivision architectural film makes it easier to see outside at night by reducing the amount of light that reflects off the inside of the window. This gives you a more natural view. The film also protects you from the sun during the day by reducing heat and glare.


  • Heat reduction: Optivision blocks up to 80% of the sun’s heat, which can save you money on your air conditioning bills.
  • Energy savings: The film also helps you save money on energy in the winter by keeping heat inside.
  • UV protection: Optivision rejects up to 99% of UV rays, which can help protect your furniture and flooring from fading.
  • Glass breakage protection: If a window ever breaks, Optivision holds the glass together to prevent flying shards from harming you or your family.
Film Performance MeasurementOptivision 45
Visible Light Transmitted27%
Visible Light Reflected External27%
Visible Light Reflected Internal14%
Glare Reduction70%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted26%
Total Solar Energy Reflected External25%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed50%
Shading Coefficient (SC)0.46
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)0.40
U Factor0.97
UV Rejection≥ 99%
Light to Solar Gain0.67
Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)60%
IR Rejection81%
Infrared Energy Rejection (IRER)61%
Film Performance Measurement Optivision 35
Visible Light Transmitted 37%
Visible Light Reflected External 13%
Visible Light Reflected Internal 8%
Glare Reduction 58%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted 38%
Total Solar Energy Reflected External 12%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed 50%
Shading Coefficient (SC) 0.61
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.53
U Factor 1.01
UV Rejection ≥ 99%
Emissivity 0.81
Light to Solar Gain 0.70
Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) 47%
IR Rejection 66%
Infrared Energy Rejection (IRER) 47%
Film Performance Measurement Optivision 25
Visible Light Transmitted 27%
Visible Light Reflected External 27%
Visible Light Reflected Internal 14%
Glare Reduction 70%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted 26%
Total Solar Energy Reflected External 25%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed 50%
Shading Coefficient (SC) 0.46
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.40
U Factor 0.97
UV Rejection ≥ 99%
Emissivity 0.74
Light to Solar Gain 0.67
Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) 60%
IR Rejection 81%
Infrared Energy Rejection (IRER) 61%