Vizta Tint of Eastern PA Window Tinting

Film Selection

Commercial Films

Today’s  residential homes and modern office buildings feature attractive, floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in natural sunlight and offer a portal to the outside world. Since the sun’s UV rays travel through windows and can lead to skin cancers, it’s important that building owners provide protection to their occupants. Frost Shades’s solar control window film blocks up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, while adding energy savings, temperature control, and privacy to your building. Our residential and commercial UV-blocking window film offers wide-ranging advantages for your school or business, ensuring that you can still bring in natural light while protecting staff members and guests from harmful rays. Vizta Tint Eastern PA is a trusted brand delivering highly effective products to meet the diverse needs of commercial and residential architectural buildings. We’ve delivered quality solutions for a wide variety of residential and commercial clients, helping them get the most from their buildings with protected windows. Whatever your building specifications, we can work with you to get the best UV window film solutions for your needs. At Vizta Tint Eastern PA, we have an extensive selection of products that can handle different applications and provide all the benefits you’re looking for from a window film installation. Check with your local Vizta Tint Eastern PA location, to see which film is the best fit for you.


When a threat is severe, it requires a film product that is manufactured to meet the strictest codes and has the highest levels of testing and accreditation. SafetyShield® film products are available in a range of thicknesses to meet every unique threat level. Ask your Frost Shades  dealer to  suggest you the best film and attachment system to meet your specific threat.

Graffiti Free®

Vizta Tint Eastern PA Graffiti Free films act as a sacrificial barrier to help control vandalism and provide a cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged glazing. Graffiti Free window films are easily installed and replaced so your glass will always look its best.

Clear Glazing Film®

Safeguard against spontaneous breakage and nickel sulfide inclusions with our glazing protection films, offering an extra layer of defense.


Nova architectural film is a specially designed window film that absorbs infrared light very well, while still allowing most visible light to pass through. This makes it a great choice for homes and businesses that want to reduce heat and glare without making their windows too dark.


Optivision window film reduces glare from indoor lights at night, giving you a clearer view of the outdoors. It also blocks the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays.

Optivision® Reflective

Optivision Reflective window film reduces glare from indoor lights at night, so you can enjoy a more natural view of the outdoors.

Reflective Silver

Reflective Silver architectural film makes homes and offices more comfortable by reflecting sunlight and heat away, while also providing privacy, reducing glare, and lowering energy costs.

Solar Bronze

Solar Bronze architectural film is a soft earth-tone film that combines excellent performance, fade protection, and visibility. 

Solar Grey

Solar Grey architectural film is a versatile and energy-efficient window film that reduces glare and complements any décor.

Sunscape® Advanced Ceramic

Sunscape Advanced Ceramic premium film is a unique window film that uses nano-particle technology to slightly darken your windows and reduce heat and glare, without having a reflective appearance.

Sunscape® Designer Grey

Sunscape Designer Grey premium film is a window film that creates a natural, pleasing appearance. Its soft tone provides excellent solar control properties, keeping your home comfortable.

Sunscape® Duralite

Sunscape Duralite premium film is a window film that is designed to have a neutral appearance, while still providing excellent solar energy reduction and minimizing both interior and exterior reflectance.

Sunscape® Purelite

Sunscape Purelite premium film is a unique window film that is very light in color, but still provides excellent solar performance. This means that it can block heat and glare from the sun, without making your windows look dark or tinted.

Sunscape® Softlite

Sunscape Softlite is a popular premium window film that has a natural soft earth tone, giving it a natural appearance.

Sunscape® Starlite

Sunscape Starlite premium window film is designed to block heat from the sun without making your windows look reflective from the inside.

UV Gard

UV Gard architectural film is a clear window film that blocks 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, while still allowing the maximum amount of visible light into a space. This makes it ideal for applications where maximum light transmission and maximum fade protection are desired.

Blister Free

Blister Free architectural film is a specially designed film that prevents bubbles and delamination on acrylic, polycarbonate, and other plastic surfaces.