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What Are the Different Types of Window Tinting?​​

Different types of window film provide different benefits

Taken from Bob Villa, a home advice site, these are the different types of window tinting options provided by Frost Shades.There are three main types of window film, each of which is installed on home windows for a different reason:

  • Solar tinting: This option is recommended if improving energy efficiency is your main reason for tinting home windows. Thicker than decorative film, but thinner than security film, solar films absorb or reflect (most products do a combination of both) up to 99 percent of UV rays from the sun. This regulates indoor temperature (so rooms stay cool in summer and warm in winter), reduces glare, prevents the fading of interior furnishings, and ultimately, increases indoor comfort and energy savings. The film is usually sold in neutral tones ranging from silver to copper.
  • Security: If staving off storm damage or deterring burglars is your biggest concern, install security film, the thickest of all types of film. Most security films (usually clear or silver) don’t absorb or reflect much heat. In the event of a storm or a home intrusion that results in damages the window, they prevent the window from shattering completely by restricting the damage to a large crack, in effect allowing your window to hold out longer.
  • Decorative: As the thinnest of all types of window film, decorative window film absorbs or reflects minimal heat. Its primary purpose is to beautify or add privacy to a room. It’s sold as a clear or bold colored film in a variety of etched patterns (such as stripes), stained glass motifs, or opaque frosted designs that keep out peering eyes.

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