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What are Transitional Window Films?

These high-tech window films can transform your views and allow you to get the most enjoyment from your windows

What are Transitional Window Films?

Transitional window films adapt from clear to tinted when exposed to sunlight. They maximize daylighting by darkening when the sun is out, while remaining clear on dark, rainy days. They conserve energy and lower cooling costs by blocking out much of the heat coming through your windows. It protects your family from harmful UV radiation and provides shatter-resistant windows to boot. It also improves your comfort level by reducing the sun’s glare.

Why Are Transitional Window Films So Popular?

Window films are a smart investment on any window in your home or business. They reduce UV glare and fading, make the room more comfortable, and can dramatically lower your energy bills by making even the most basic windows much more energy efficient.

These high-tech films are new to the market and have taken over the window tinting industry by storm. Homeowners love them because you get the best of two popular types of film:

Traditional window tinting, which makes your windows slightly darker, reducing much of the heat and radiation that can increase your AC bills.

Clear UV window tinting, which blocks harmful UV rays and glare, creating a healthier room and keeping the sun from fading out your furniture, walls and belongings.

These films only get darker when you need them – when hot sun is directly baking your windows, and the glare becomes difficult to handle. When you don’t have harsh sunlight, the windows revert to a clear UV look that often doesn’t look tinted.

This allows you to have the best possible views at all times and get all the benefits of solar tinting.

The process is simple: we measure your windows and order tint, which takes less than a week. Once the film is in stock, we install in less than a day. Pricing varies depending on the number of windows, and the cost per window can go down depending on the number of windows you want tinted. Transitional window tinting is slightly more expensive than traditional tinting, but it almost always pays for itself in energy savings.

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