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Expecting Energy Savings From Window Films?

Here’s the quick answer to this common question:

It is obvious and well-known that window films on any home, office, or commercial building can have dramatic impacts on energy bills savings.

When the weather is warm, window film can reduce air conditioning costs and save on lighting costs by reducing solar heat gain, while still letting in natural light.

When it’s cold outside, window film can retain interior heat, saving on heating costs.

It is an investment in your home or business that makes it more carbon-neutral, greener, and substantially more energy-efficient.

But just how much savings can you generate? Obviously, every home is different – your actual results will vary depending on the types of windows, the exposure to the sun, the geography, and the climate. No matter what your actual conditions, you will receive some savings, making window films a compelling investment.

What the Window Film Industry Associations Say About Energy Savings:
In existing commercial structures, the energy savings achieved by window film can offer a payback in less than two years, or up to a 70% ROI—depending on factors such as construction, location, and type of film used.

Window films can block up to 86% of the sun’s heat.

A significant reduction of the sun’s heat aids in a building’s energy efficiency, as less energy is needed from the HVAC cooling system – saving up to 30% of a building’s cooling costs.

Pricing for window films varies depending on the type of Forst Shades Window Film you select for your project. No matter what, you are likely to cover the cost of your project in 1-3 years by 30%. Some earn back even faster!

Curious about using anti-glare, privacy, or solar, spectrally selective window films on your home or business? You might be in for a shock at just how large the ROI is!

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